Real talk! Under-eye dark circles can be a real pain in the a$$. But don’t stress out yourself too much, because this will only make your situation worse, and secondly, we have tons of solutions for you; from bomb eye creams and natural DIYs to worst-case scenarios where concealers can cover almost everything! And trust us, when it’s related to under-eye bags or dark circles, we’ve tried it all.

Dark circles around the eyes are a common problem these days among women of all ages.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, but the skin underneath them reflects a clear image of your age. This thin, delicate skin is one of the first things that show signs of aging. Many people have a misconception about skin products and assume that all skin is the same, and interpret that why products formulated for a specific part of the body is even important. But as it turns out, this delicate area deserves gentle and special treatment to fight typical problems of dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, and swelling.

Here in this blog, I’ve discussed some major reasons for darker skin under the eyes and suggested useful dermatologist-approved information, tips, and products to combat it.

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles can be caused due to various reasons related to genetics or environmental factors. They normally result due to excessive pigmentation, which can be either because of hereditary factors or can be a result of sun damage or hormonal fluctuations.

In case, if your dark circles are more like a reddish-purple color, then it is probably due to some vascular issue. Several other causes like lack of proper sleep, seasonal allergies, dietary problems, or lifestyle habits can make the veins under your eyes dilate, causing a darker appearance.

If you are doubtful about which type you have, simply just do a test! Try pinching the skin under your eyes & softly lift it off the surface, if its appearance improves, it’s likely due to circulatory issues, if it remains the same, it’s probably due to excessive pigmentation.

Improve your dark circles by making slight changes in your lifestyle

If you want to get rid of those raccoon eyes, you may have to make some minor changes in your habits.

  • Follow a rich anti-inflammatory diet that includes fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, &  healthy fats like salmon, nuts, etc. This will enhance the overall appearance of your entire body’s skin.
  • Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine, & cigarettes. Always take these things moderately. Alcohol leads to dehydration, which will cause visibility of your vessels. It is recommended to have less intake of caffeine, because coffee leads to vasoconstriction within the deepest layers of your skin, making your under-eye skin darker & more emphasized. The nicotine present in cigarettes often results in vasoconstriction, which will further reduce the flow of blood, leading to the oxidant’s production. These oxidants will disintegrate the collagen & elastin, making your skin thin and feeble.
  • Always remove your eye makeup before going to bed! The skin around the eyes is very delicate & fragile, so it is necessary to take special care of it and use a very good, dermatologist-recommended eye makeup remover like Hedison Blue Mild Remover. It is an oil-based makeup remover with a powerful cleansing effect, that covers and removes heavy or point makeup. You can get this amazing product from the best online makeup store in Dubai, A7Heavens.
  • Another natural way of getting rid of your dark circles is to get proper hours of sleep. It’s vital that you feel relaxed, well-rested, because, even if the lack of sleep doesn’t cause dark circles, it overemphasizes your appearance. Get a night of sound sleep to feel relaxed and energetic & don’t forget to avoid electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, TV, etc., or at least shift them in the night mode. This reduces blue light, which is proven medically to disturb the natural sleep cycle of humans.

Hydration & sun protection

You cannot get rid of your dark circle 100%, but you can definitely minimize it to improve your appearance. Use a mild, hydrating, delicate skin cleanser to remove dirt & other impurities from the skin such as Midha Pure Rice Foam Cleanser(Facewash), available at A7Heavens, the top online skincare brand.

face cleansers

And don’t forget to wear sunscreen while going out. This is a very essential step to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and even dark circles. The harmful UV rays coming from the sun are a major cause of various skin problems. It encourages melanin production, which further results in skin darkening.

Try Midha UV Protect Rice Sun Cream SPF 50+, available on A7Heavens. This incredible product prevents signs of aging and contains Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, PA+++, which naturally smoothens, hydrates, and relaxes the skin without causing any irritation. Enjoy the amazing online shopping experience in Dubai from A7Heavens, which is the best makeup & skincare store.

Reform your under-eye skin appearance

Topical treatments can be very helpful when fighting with dark circles.

But, if you are still uncertain about which type of dark circles you have, there’s nothing to worry about, you can try one of these Hedison’s magical eyes creams, now available on A7Heavens.

  • Hedison Vital Energy Ampoule Patch

This product formulated with an enriched formula keeps the eye firm and clear while bringing rich nutrition & hydration to the skin. It leaves the skin firm and enhances skin elasticity around your eyes’ area.

  • Hedison Returning Eye Patch

It is a gold hydrogel typed patch that is specified to brighten the dull and dark eye area. This enriched formula helps to purify eye parts, provides hydration and nutrition into the skin deeply with 6 kinds of herb extracts and Gold ingredients inside.

  • Hedison Peptide 7 Real Eye Balm

It’s a deep & concentrated balm typed eye care product that keeps skin firm and also improves the elasticity of sagged skin, leaving a smooth and soft finish on the skin as a result.

Besides peptides, it contains volufiline that boosts up firming energy intensively.

Now you have no lame excuses! Treat your under-eye skin area with gentle & special care and achieve a healthy, bright new look.

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