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What is the first thought that comes to the mind when you think of  vitamin C?  Orange or Lemon? While some skincare geeks will think of serums and other skincare products. After all, vitamin C is considered a favorite thing in the beauty industry because of its brightening and fixing properties. That’s the buzz it

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The Himalayan salt is the purest type of salt to exist on the soul of this planet. This salt is similar to some other edible salt found in our home, having a lot more benefits. This rock salt can be utilized as a food enhancing specialist, beautiful pieces around the house, salt lights, salt showers,


Nowadays, it’s very hard to find someone who has great healthy skin. Achieving amazing skin is hard but not impossible. Some people successfully manage to maintain good skin by taking care of it and adapting few habits. Habit #1: A sound sleep of 8 hours at night: Some people might think that beauty sleep is


Dry skin: Dry skin indicates that your skin isn’t producing enough of its essential natural oils whereas too much oil produced could also lead to breakouts and acne. The main ingredient of your body’s natural oils is Sebum oil, which helps the skin to naturally hydrate by retaining water on the outer layers of the

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Huda Beauty is a well-known and popular skincare and makeup brand that is mainly based in the Middle East. After its establishment in 2013, the founder, Huda Kattan, has taken the cosmetic brand to new levels of success. This was accomplished not only because of her huge popularity on social media platforms like Instagram but with products that had never failed to catch the eyes of the public and never disappointed the consumer.

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Cosmetics Fashion Lifestyle

There are a variety of choices for makeup kits and accessories available for any type of event these days but people have their brand preferences based on quality for each category. For example, Huda eyeliner is famous among makeup enthusiasts, especially in the Middle East.

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Cosmetics Fashion Lifestyle

The land of exotic fashion and glamour has become one of the global leaders in the cosmetic market. Over the years, the United Arab Emirates has held strong grounds when it comes to the world of makeup. This makes it all the more difficult to choose the best options for our skin.  The top beauty

a7heavens- Blog
Cosmetics Fashion Lifestyle

What is a face toner and how much does it benefit one’s skin? In a nutshell, face toners are designed to shrink the appearance of pores. To briefly tighten the skin. To naturally remove oil and dirt. Face toner briefly removes many pores and creates a smoother looking skin. Toners are also very effective when it comes to cleaning dirt.


When we travel to the Middle Eastern part of the world, it is tough to overlook the robust fragrances that pass by us during our trip. Perfumes in Dubai are famous for several reasons like:  – the sheer volume of the varieties that would astonish anyone – they have the best of fragrances across the

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Cosmetics Fashion Lifestyle

Grooming is said to be the reason behind how well you present yourself; all those branded clothes, expensive jewelry, and the most glamorous beauty would not count without good grooming. This is why everyone must take ample time in their day to day lives to look after their body and health. How do we do

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