In the 21st century, there is a great deal of importance given to an individual’s looks, attire, and how one presents himself/herself. The norm these days is that he or she must be very welcoming and impactful in looks and style. With a great personality and good interpersonal skills, one is very well confident on the inside in a business meeting but above all, the first and foremost thing that anyone would notice is one’s physical appearance. 

In this day and age, makeup or an extra touch up are not only used in the fashion and film industry but are of great use for people who go wherever there is an interaction of an individual with a person or a crowd. It’s about looking good and charming at all times.

Huda Beauty is a well-known and popular skincare and makeup brand that is mainly based in the Middle East. After its establishment in 2013, the founder, Huda Kattan, has taken the cosmetic brand to new levels of success. This was accomplished not only because of her huge popularity on social media platforms like Instagram but with products that had never failed to catch the eyes of the public and never disappointed the consumer. 

As a cosmetic giant, there is a wide range of products under the brand like the Huda Beauty toner, Huda Beauty lipstick, Huda eyeliner, etc. An average customer being given such options to pick from, they tend to get confused. The selection process of these accessories are sometimes not only based on skin type and the price tag but the most popular among people or the recommended ones. Well, here are some of the must-try products from Huda Beauty:

1. Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette – Huda Beauty Palette

This must-try Palette has 18 shades available in 4 distinctive textures. There are 6 pearl shades, 1 glitter, 3 duo-chrome toppers, and one glitter; they are all inspired by the stunning landscape of the Arabian Desert. This is free of sulphates and parabens as well. The advantages of this palette are that they are strongly pigmented eyeshadow that creates a sharp look every day and they are talc-free.

  2. Huda Beauty Foundation

The product Huda Beauty Foundation helps in fading even skin tone, scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and pores. All in all, it’s a good ultra-refined full-coverage hydrating cream. If you are looking for a product that won’t wear off under the hot sun or storming rain, then this is the cream for you. This gives your skin a younger look while fade proofing any uneven skin tone conditions by delivering a spotless airbrush filter appearance.

This cream not only mattifies the skin but also it is enriched in Centella Asiatica and Argan oil. This fade-proof product is available in 20+ shades and is suitable for oily and dry skin types.

3. Easy Bake Loose Baking and Setting Powder

When looking for something that lasts for around a quarter of a day and fades away eventually without any big effort, then this product will aid you in your game! This ultra-refined pigment-packed, easy to use loose powder is normally used under the eye to brighten them and could be in use to highlight the focal points of your face. This goes hand in hand with other beauty products like the Huda eyeliner or the toner to give that dazzling look to your face.

The packing comes in 8 different shades that are non-comedogenic and contains a good amount of Vitamin E. Its unique powder net only allows the right amount of powder to come out so that there isn’t any wastage. There aren’t any parabens in them and it sure gives good coverage.

4. Demi Matte Cream Lipstick – Huda Beauty Lipstick

This revolutionary lipstick is a very comfortable and hydrating lipstick that is really easy to use. It lasts throughout the day and is enriched with a little methanol for a cooling effect and a tingling sensation. This particular Huda Beauty lipstick is available in 15 shades. With its strong Maxi-Lip contains, it kindles collagen while keeping it comfortable. The packing is lightweight enough to carry around in one’s purse too.

5.Contour and Strobe lipstick – Huda Beauty Lipstick

This is a highly functional set from Huda Beauty; it contains a mini Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick, a full-size Lip Contour, and a mini Lip Strobe. You may use all 3 of these products and create any shade that suits you and the occasion. With its multi-purpose use, it sure is a must-have product. This is available in 5 shades which consist of matte lipstick, iridescent lip strobe, and a contouring liner for a stunning look. It will not smudge or dry up, is densely pigmented and its packing is lightweight which makes it comfortable to use and carry around.

6. Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara

Despite the brand’s launch in 2013, it took them several years to launch its first mascara. The customers wanted it to hit the market sooner, but it was an instant success even if it was launched after a wait. It would go well hand in hand with the Huda eyeliner, people were crazy about this product. Since it is double-ended, it syndicates two different formulas and brushes for your lash needs. One has a curl and length side that has grippy waxes plus a skin comb to lift and lengthen, and on the other side, it has a short fibre and dense brush for flurry plumpness.

7. Classic False Lashes

Huda Beauty’s maiden product, or as they say, the product that started it all. Upon launching it in Dubai mall in 2013, it was sold out in a matter of days, and so it remains the brand’s bestseller to date. Designed by the founder herself, it was made by natural fibres without compromising its quality. This is one other, among the multiple accessories sold by Huda Beauty that would create an everlasting impression when used with the Huda eyeliner. Also, remember that they can only be worn not more than 15 times. So when you want to be dashing and appealing for a weekend night out or a wedding, these classic Lashes will have you covered.

8. The Overachiever Concealer

With over 31% of pure pigments that completely helps in concealing everything that you need to camouflage, this pack has got some serious popularity among its users. This budget-friendly and long-lasting concealer could be used anywhere on the skin but is primarily seen to be used in the under-eye area. Not only are they used for making your skin glow, but they are also used as a moisturizer and have skin-protective benefits. When applying, they help in cooling and soothing the skin.

9. 3D Highlighter Huda Beauty Palette

In this accessory, there are 3 main themed items you may choose from; The Winter Solstice, Golden Sand, and Summer Solstice. They are ideal for exaggerating the brow bones, collarbones, and cheekbones. Plus, they are formulated without parabens and sulphates. They are highly pigmented but they fade away after a while but do not worry, they do not diminish away in the warm summer heat though, and therefore let the sun sparkle off you. When you need an extra glow, use the layering oil and powder highlighter hack as told by Huda Kattan herself.

So, there you go! These are the 9 most popular and must-try beauty products by Huda Beauty. While there is an umpteen number of other products by Huda Beauty, these were the ones that have made the brand popular and have a good grasp in the cosmetic market. 

As mentioned earlier, products such as Mascara goes well off with Huda eyeliner or toner, they could be used as a standalone skincare product too! Many of the above accessories could be used on the skin without the help of a stylist or makeup artist as they are very unpretentious to use. While Huda beauty products are there in great quantity to be simplified in a list like this, they do not compromise in terms of excellence, be it whatever price range they belong to. It would always be worth the purchase.

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