A person’s eyes are known to be a mirror of their mind! Back in the days, when a woman needed to get ready for a special occasion, it used to be a very expensive and time-consuming task from going to the beauty parlour or getting a personal stylist and actually getting dressed with their help. However, nowadays, the job is more simplified with small and big makeup sets they could purchase offered by various beauty brands which greatly saves on the expense and can aid one in getting ready by oneself. 

Although it may look time-consuming, it would look to be a subtle piece of work, hence they may or may not face many predicaments. However, most of the girls know that doing their eye makeup is one of the hardest parts in the entire process. Perfecting your eye makeup is a tedious task yet one of the most crucial ones.

There are a variety of choices for makeup kits and accessories available for any type of event these days but people have their brand preferences based on quality for each category. For example, Huda eyeliner is famous among makeup enthusiasts, especially in the Middle East. In addition to these, there are a set of tips that are recommended by various beauty professionals who are experts in the cosmetology industry to create the perfect look for your eyes putting these essentials to the best use.

Here are some pointers from the experts in the arena to perfecting your eye makeup:

  1. Before starting, make sure to wash your face thoroughly so that your eyes and eyelids are clean. If possible, it would be better to apply a primer, this would ensure that the eye makeup would stay for a longer period after applying.
  2. Always wear eye makeup according to the occasion and most importantly the time of the day; if it is for a night out, the ‘smokey eye makeup’ is recommended. You could however make some changes according to your wish. It would stand out if you do the opposite of how it’s done normally, and put it along your bottom lash line.
  3. For night outs, it’s always recommended to use the pencil liner, they are more creamy and soft. Also if you have a smudging brush, you may smudge it and give it a ‘cool and hazy eye’ look. Additionally, if you plan to wear loud and catchy eye makeup, please do keep your lips as simple as possible; it’s always recommended to highlight one feature at a time.
  4. For creating a very well defined look for your eyes, use the brush vertically. This helps to get those petite lashes from the bottom line, outer and inner corner. In addition, if you want your eyes to seem more awake and wide, do not connect the top and bottom of the eyeliner. This gap instantly brings about the illusion that they are bigger.
  5. Make sure that the tip of your eyeliner is thin and blunt, this would finish your eye makeup with accuracy and perfectness. Freeze it before using, so that it wouldn’t crumble up and make up a mess. Furthermore, if you have excess eyeshadow, always use a blotter paper to remove them, this would ensure that the eyeliner wouldn’t get messed up.
  6. While applying the mascara on your lashes, hold anything that could act as a shield above your eyes, it could be as simple as a spoon, then apply the mascara. A great way to avoid smudge! 
  7. Have you ever spent so much time being a perfectionist on your eye makeup with all your makeup set and when the makeup finally ends up being as good as it gets, you just sneeze, leaving a smudge? You don’t have to wash the whole thing off and start over, just remove that smudge by dipping a small eyeliner brush in micellar water. Just be careful in wiping it away, as you don’t want to remove anything else but the smudge.
  8. It is better to use more fine colours like the elegant brown for your eyeshadow as you age – it gives you a neat presentable look. It would be better if you apply mascara over it. Remember, always use make-up to look approachable. Good and sensible makeup is the bottom line in deciding whether you look like you are going for a wedding or a Halloween party!
  9. If you are not in possession of a makeup set, then apply a little powder over your lash as a 2nd layer of the coating after the mascara is used as the 1st. That makes it less clumpy while adding length and sheer volume to your eyelashes. If you want to get started with a reliable makeup kit, opt for some of the top brands like Huda Beauty.
  10. While using the eyeliner, always tilt your face slightly and move your eyes down. This assures symmetry so that you get the same look that you had in front of the mirror when someone looks at you.
  11. To avoid a horrific spidery look from the lash, wipe the excess mascara with a tissue before applying. In this way, it would look better and would make it easy to do the rest of the makeup. Also for the mascara to stay longer while pulling the wand up, one must stop pumping the wand, this makes air go in for drying it up quickly. You may just swirl it from time to time so it would not dry up soon.
  12. To stop winding up with a mess under your eye when applying eyeshadow, there is a simple solution, just use a tape! That’s right, when you place a tiny piece of tape under the eyes and take it off after you are over with your makeup then there would be zero fallout and we would make up for only the place where we intended it to.
  13. Use a gentle highlighter right under the brow, beneath the arch, to dash off the shape and add length to the brows. If your eyebrows are dissimilar in the arrangement, then use a simple gel to keep them intact. For a bold look, use a wet angle stiff brush on your brows with eyeshadow that is a matte brown.
  14. If your lids are having an odd colour like red or vein blue, then use a concealer to even out your complexion. Also, for instant brightness (when you don’t have enough time to sit down and do your makeup), just apply a nude shade of eyeliner ( Huda eyeliner is one of the top preferred here) along the bottom waterline. Don’t forget to choose the colour of your Huda eyeliner according to the colour of your eyes – this makes your eyes dazzle.

Do remember, in the end, while you remove the eye makeup, rather than using a face wash, use wet wipes without rubbing or applying pressure. You may also use cotton balls dipped in coconut oil which would help you to gently get rid of the traces. Do not use any form of unrecommended shampoo or face lotions – it may cause itching or redness; instead, use plenty of water. It’s important to use a cleanser or a toner recommended by skincare brands like Huda Beauty, after washing your face completely, this reduces blemishes.

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Well, now we know what to do and what not to do when wearing eye makeup and how to make the best of all the eye makeup accessories inside our makeup kit.

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