Grooming is said to be the reason behind how well you present yourself; all those branded clothes, expensive jewelry, and the most glamorous beauty would not count without good grooming. This is why everyone must take ample time in their day to day lives to look after their body and health. How do we do that? Of course by regular exercise, personal grooming, and a good skincare routine. 

Every man would want to bring in his A-game around people who he wants to impress. He would want to use the best available perfume for men for a fantastic fragrance, the best beard oil so that his beard would not look unpresentable and overall he would want to be good, which could be achieved with good skincare routine and personal grooming. It is not just about looking charming and good all the time but about looking healthy and lively. Good personal grooming would very much help you in creating a positive first impression because it straightaway shows how much you care for your body and if you are a healthy person.

When it comes to grooming for men, it includes everything from what others notice when they first look up to a guy – like a decent haircut to stuff like good body odour and a good breath. Also, there is a certain thing such as over-grooming; this is when a person does not groom himself according to the need of the situation. For example, it is very wrong when a person wears an attar (very strong scented perfume, very famous among the perfumes in Dubai) to an official board meeting or even when he puts on too much gel on his hair –

It would just not look fit to be seen. So to help you, here are 15 amazing grooming tips for men:

1. Why don’t we start with the most ignored part of the body, the feet? We all think that when heading out, we usually cover our feet by wearing a shoe or a sandal; hence we give the least importance to it every time. The truth is, once we take them off, we do not want pointy claw-like nails. Hence, one must regularly cut and trim them down. One must include caring for his/her feet in their daily skincare routine. During winter, it is seen that men’s feet get dry and cracked( women may also have them, but it is more severe for men). One can tackle this by drinking more water and using a healing foot balm. Get a manicure once in a while and refrain from biting your nails at any point in time.

2. The last thing men want is unwanted body hair. This not only isn’t good for one’s looks but also contributes to one’s bad body odour. So men should always make waxing a part of their skincare routine, especially for the hair on the chest and armpit; also it is recommended to use a deodorant after using perfume for men. 

3. Haircuts! Yes, an integral part of male beauty; although men love to grow their hair long, it is recommended to get a haircut regularly. Always have your signature haircut, and do not wait until it’s due to get it cut, everyone notices that. If you do want to grow it long, make sure you keep it tidy with a band. Always go for a hairstyle that best suits your face and profession. If you have a job that involves fieldwork, then always prefer a short haircut as long hair tends to irritate.

4. Hair products are necessary for mainly 2 reasons – for styling the hair and for general hair health. Always go for a hair product that satisfies both these reasons. Do not compromise because, in the long run, we require them both. Always use a quality hair product to obtain shiny hair and for hairstyles with spikes, use a good styling wax.

5. Do not shampoo your hair daily. This only destroys the natural oil on your head. 2 or 3 times in a week would be sufficient. Also, use a conditioner once in a while – this is for the hair while a shampoo helps protect your scalp against dandruff and other such conditions. It is also recommended to just brush your hair with coconut oil weekly – this prevents dry scalp while keeping your hair silky and soft.

6. Take care to wash your face twice a day. While washing, first, use hot water so that the pores open up. Then wash off the dirt after applying a face wash. Then take to washing with cold water, so that the pores close back up preventing dirt from getting in. Use a clean towel to then dry up. 

7. When going out on a hot day, use sunscreen to protect your face all day. When you get back, make sure you moisturize your face and drink plenty of water. Remember to make this a part of your skincare routine. This also helps in avoiding wrinkles on dead skin cells to an extent.

8. Talking about eyebrows, it is good to take a set of tweezers to pluck off any unwanted hairs between the eyebrows so that your forehead looks clean. Make the eyebrow hairs at the same level by trimming the extra-long ones down using a trimmer or scissors. If you want to get them waxed or threaded, always take extra care in doing so, because oddly-shaped eyebrows are the last thing anyone wants people to notice when they look up to you.

9. ‘The man with the beard’, is a common expression people use these days, but it is up to us to keep the beard well maintained, respectable, and good looking so that the expression comes across as a compliment. Either use the best beard oil daily so that the beard has a good shape and ensure that there isn’t a bushy look or use high-quality shaving cream and have a clean look – never find a stand in-between them. 

If your skin is sensitive, then always use an aftershave to smoothen and hydrate, after you razor them off. Remember to always apply cold water instead of hot water and do not compromise on the price for the best beard oil or the best aftershave in the market.

10. The perfumery world is always a tricky pick for men. It takes several stages of testing to obtain the best perfume for men. Like it was mentioned, they depend on various factors. For example, men in the Middle East always prefer the strongly scented ones and authentic perfumes in Dubai are of that kind. Perfumes for men who prefer a subtle scent are also available widely among the perfumes in Dubai but they are largely favored by men from the western part of the world. So, always know what your taste is and use them according to the place and occasion.

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11. No one wants to walk around with lips that are cracked and feel like concrete. Hence, always use a lip balm when required. You don’t need to buy expensive and flavored ones, just the ones to keep them wet will do.

12. One of the comprehensively unappealing things one can have is bad breath. Oral hygiene is very important in one’s grooming routine. After brushing daily for at least 2 minutes, always floss and then use a tongue scraper. You may also use mouthwash once in a while to get rid of those additional germs. It would not hurt to visit a dentist once a year if you have sensitive teeth.

13. Always try to stick to one good soap brand. In case you have dry skin, use soaps that are mild on the skin because not all soaps work on different skins. They may cause irritation and itching under harsh weather conditions.

14. There is also something known as internal grooming. That is simply eating right and getting the right amount of sleep every day. Plan a diet that balances all the essentials, vitamins, and oils, and drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water every day. Take supplements for the unavailable body essentials like fish oil. Remember those food items that have excess oil and sugar have a direct impact on the pimples on your face and rashes on your skin.

15. Last but not least, remember to be regular in your skincare routine. Simple things like washing your face once you get up and before you go to bed can go a long way in good personal grooming. 

It is also always recommended to consult a dermatologist before buying a body cream or skincare product so that you get what is required for your skin and not what is of popular demand.

Well, there you go! 10 years ago, the general concept was that grooming and makeup were only primarily for women rather than men, but it is all about personal hygiene and good habits these days. Also, let’s face it, men want to look good and charming in all their pictures on social media and would go to great extents to get that perfect look. These grooming tips will help you maintain the same.

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