When we travel to the Middle Eastern part of the world, it is tough to overlook the robust fragrances that pass by us during our trip. Perfumes in Dubai are famous for several reasons like:

 – the sheer volume of the varieties that would astonish anyone

– they have the best of fragrances across the world.

– they have perfumes for all (from perfume for men that resemble masculinity and sturdiness to the best perfumes for women that exhibit youthfulness and confidence).

Being one of the leaders in tourist spots and the face of the UAE, Dubai has so much to offer. During the Dubai Shopping Festival, perfumes in Dubai also get their fair share of marketing. This is because, at this festival, the best perfumes in UAE will be showcased and sold at most outlets across Dubai. This has a huge fan following as well. While visiting the Global village, each pavilion there would always have something new to offer. And more often than not, there will be perfumes and scents of all kinds making their way to the hearts of the crowd there.

Another reason for the reputation of the perfumes here is the genuineness and strong scent by which the perfumes in UAE are known for. It is said that you will know when an Arab passes you by because of the strong essence and moving trail of these perfumes. These scents are extensively used by Arabs. Some even consider this as one of the most important parts of their hygiene routine. One of the most preferred types of perfumes is of course the Oud perfumes, which is one with the strongest aroma. People in the UAE prefer Ouds to make their mark or presence known in their social groups with this luxurious scent.

There is a large variety of perfumes in UAE to choose from for all types and categories of people. Perfume for men, the best perfume for women, scents for people of different age, nationalities within the GCC etc is one way to categorize them. Then there are the long-lasting ones, the ones for special occasions, etc – all of which has a huge fan base. Some of the brands do seem to have better made their mark in the minds of the consumers over others.

The top preferred perfumes of Dubai which sure has created a space for themselves in the arena are as follows:

10) Diesel’s Only The Brave Tattoo Eau De Toilette Spray

This was a popular choice among perfume for men when it was launched back in 2012 and has maintained that stand ever since. It had a strong and powerful scent of spices and wood with a mix of tobacco, apples, and even oranges. It is one of the perfumes that last for a considerable amount of time so there is no need to reapply for a prolonged period. Furthermore, it’s comforting and keeps the mind calm with its strong fragrance and leaves a long-lasting impact among people you pass by. The available price range for these perfumes is from 200 to 300 AED.

9) Chloe

Since its launch in 2008, the UAE market has been flooded with people wanting this, making Chloe an overnight success. With a strong smell of vanilla, citrus, and rose, it became quickly popular among the perfumes for women in UAE. Additionally, the cute little bottle in which it comes in is aesthetically very pleasing and looks stunning to carry around in the purse. Moreover, it truly fascinates everyone by featuring a depth of hypnosis and dark fantasy that’s high in demand across the globe. This perfume is priced at a range of around 300 to 400 AED for a bottle containing almost 50ml of goodness.

8) Creed Aventus

Launched in 2010 it was the star stopper for celebrating 250 years of Creed and it has grown greatly since. The essence of Vanilla, Moroccan jasmine, roses, and oakmoss are some of the ingredients in this perfume that draws crowds to it. It gives that stand out scent and is ideal for business meetings as it sends out rays of richness and luxury at the same time. This bottle comes for a price range of around 1000 to 1500 AED.

7) M Micallef’s Akowa

In 2015, when Akowa was first unveiled, it was instantly a big success among people from all kinds of categories. Initially, it was used as a perfume for men, but in time it gained popularity as one of the best perfume for women. Containing fig and cacao, it has an earthly bond which is helping it gain popularity among people from different backgrounds. Hence it was preferred as a family gift so that anyone in the family could use it with a sense of confidence. This perfume which has a grip of African plants as well came in a 100ml bottle at a price range of 1000 to 1500 AED.

6) Jean Paul Gaultier Le Men

Another perfume for men in the market – considered a classic because it was launched in the mid-’90s and has been popular and in demand since. It comes with a strong aroma of cinnamon, lavender, and refreshing mint to create a fragrance so youthful even after all these years. It’s also easy to wear, making it one of the most favoured brands among value for money buyers. It contains a fresh but sweetish scent that spreads warmth around. This is currently available in the market at a price range of 200 to 300 AED.

5) Guess Eau de Toilette Girl

Since its 2013 launch, it’s been in the market as one of the top preferences when searching for the best perfume for women in UAE. Its strong fruity nature, combining watermelon and raspberry that included a very distinguished Brazilian orchid with Australian sandalwood scent won many hearts. This makes it stand out and is an ideal gift for young girls and comes with a price listed at approximately 200 to 300 AED. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular scents among the various social circles of women in UAE which they proudly flaunt.

4) Jo Malone London Wood Sage and Sea Salt

This cologne for men is one of the most preferred perfumes during the hot weather in the UAE, and it was launched in 2014. It has a very beach-like scent which includes a sea-salty aroma of nature which is very pleasing and has a welcoming trait. If you want people to come and approach you, then this is the perfume for you – it adapts quickly to each user’s body chemistry. It brings in freshness and an aura of sophistication which does not come cheap; hence the price is listed at 3000 to 3500 AED.

3) Sospiro Accento

This perfume was launched in 2011 and would not go overlooked when in search of the best perfumes in Dubai. Its scent has a woody family fragrance which consists of pink pepper, amber, and musk. It is also one of the few perfumes in the market that is suitable for women and men. All it takes is one spray and off it goes, ready to steal your hearts! Sure, is demanding, isn’t it? This perfume is listed among the premium ones and would blend in with any occasion. It is listed at a price range of 700 to 900 AED.

2) Tom Ford Noir

One of the most used and recommended among the preferred options in perfume for men in UAE since its entry into the market in 2012. Its manly sensuality comes from a perfect blend of Italian bergamot, pink pepper, and Indonesian patchouli. It just shouts out the urban manliness inside of you. Even the bottle in which it comes in is just so classic and would look exclusive. It comes at a price range of 300 to 400 AED.

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1) Attar Ahlam

Produced by the Swiss Arabian, it came into the market in 2013. This strong perfume for women has a classic ethnicity in the Middle East. It is highly considered as one of the best preferred among the top options in perfume for women. With its strong scent of Oud, it blends in a mixture of spicy aromas such as nutmeg, floral and red berries. Under the hot sun of Dubai, this may be the perfume you need to bring cool to others when they walk past you!

This has a rather seductive and strong scent that is not only long-lasting but leaves a strong signature among the people who makes it a part of their lives. It comes at a price range of 200 to 400 AED.

Well, that’s it, folks! This list may vary slightly from person to person because let’s face it, we all are different in our demands when selecting a perfume, the type of scent we are looking for, the correct price range, the supremacy of the smell, and of course how long we want it to last. While a common trend in the Middle East favours those which last long thus making a signature for themselves, they do also opt for the ones which wear off after a special occasion.

 Perfumes in UAE are so much in demand even among other nationalities who live there because Dubai is a global centre, it is where the world comes under one roof, where major businesses take place; hence it is necessary to put a mark for ourselves to be successful. Hence, choose the best perfume for women and the best perfume for men with precision taking help from the brief comprehensive pointers about the various brands mentioned in this article.

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