The land of exotic fashion and glamour has become one of the global leaders in the cosmetic market. Over the years, the United Arab Emirates has held strong grounds when it comes to the world of makeup. This makes it all the more difficult to choose the best options for our skin. 

The top beauty products that come out of UAE are on par with the leading brands around the world. The primary factors for this are:

– the fusion of true origins and

– the alliance with recurring trends in the fashion world.

Also, the relentless need of the masses to look beautiful has acted as a main driver for the same. This makes you wonder, what are the most common products seen in a makeup set? How can I get those fine brands I see in those beauty salons and which are they?

Though there are so many options for quality makeup brands, there are few brands that do stand out. Some of these brands are globally successful and widely accepted by makeup artists and normal customers alike. This list will help you choose the right brand you need to make you look special.

1. Huda Beauty Care

A makeup blog that took the makeup world by storm. Iraqi- American makeup artist Huda Kattan’s very own “Huda Beauty” is one of UAE’s finest makeup brands. Huda Beauty is meant for all those who want to live their life to the maximum. Huda has, in fact, created the most lovely skincare products there are. With a range of products including lashes, highlighters, and more, they top the consumer favourites’ list.

She has managed to bring her esteemed Hollywood standards to the land of opportunities. Almost all of Huda’s customers are impressed and satisfied with their wide range of quality products. As a result, there won’t be a single beauty salon that doesn’t use Huda products in the UAE. If you are looking for quality makeup that suits almost any type of skin, Huda beauty is your solution.

2. Herbal Essentials

Anything Ayurveda is pure bliss. With Herbal Essentials, you are being treated with nature’s finest. All their skincare products are mixed and hydrated with pure Himalayan spring water. This has been filtered thoroughly through various processes over decades that include:

– natural layers of clay

– sand, and

– rock.

All their products are packed to brim with the best quality minerals. Herbal Essentials are very popular among actors and actresses as well.

If you are into face masks and calming creams for a brightened glow, this is your brand. If these facts still don’t convince you, how about the fact that a percentage of their profits are donated to improving the quality of our environment?

3. Shirley Conlon Organics

Shirley Conlon, the Irish cosmetologist created her line of all-organic skincare products which were instantly successful post-release. Her experience with treating skin ailments made her create clean, pure, and effective products that won’t worry about the skin. Her all-organic skincare beauty range is free from all toxic chemicals. Shirley Conlon products are one of the top global brands that provide you with premium face care products.

If you’re looking for completely natural and chemical-free cleansers, masks, and more, this is the brand to go to. Radiate your skin with a full glow as natural beauty shines its way through your skin.

4. Shiffa

Dr. Lamees Hamdan is a popular name among the Arabs. Dr.Hamdan is a mother and wife from the UAE who is also:

– a member of the board of Arab Funds for arts & culture and

– the spearhead behind this brand.

All Shiffa’s products are promoted as “by a woman for women” brand. Over the last decade, various research was conducted to find a solution for stretch marks and most of it ended in vain. Enter Shiffa; All the Shiffa products can be smothered on the skin to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. The components are on Dr Lamees Hamdan’s oversight and are based on natural oils in the right amount required.

5. Lash

Dubai This is one brand you need when you are looking for flash lashes. Even though it is new compared to other brands on the list, the timespan was never an issue for its success. The most widely seen makeup brand in almost all the makeup sets around the UAE and most used by makeup artists around the world. If you’re looking for lashes out of the Middle East, I don’t think there is any other brand that will pop up apart from Lash Dubai. They donate a certain percentage to an orphanage in Syria and are engaged in a lot of socially relevant projects which make it all the more appealing for its customers.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

6. Kayali

Kayali is a combined effort of two successful giants in the cosmetic world:

– The Kattan sisters and

– the well renowned French perfume house, Firmenich.

Their brainchild, Kayali is a collection of the freshest scents there is. The most famous scents are:

– the ‘Citrus 08’ which is feminine all the way and

– the seductive ‘Elixir 11.’

The Kayali scents are inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition of scent layering.

7. Mr. FOX

Considered as a gift from mother nature to mankind, Mr Fox is made with the best of natural elements. This is the product that every human being craves for being connected with the earth and nature. Their products are entirely handmade, cold-pressed, and morally sourced. Mr Fox constitutes a migraine-fixing cloud that fixes and cures the average, daily ailments.

8. Arcadia

A beauty brand well-known for its classic scents. Arcadia fragrances were founded by Amna Al Habtoor, a budding business person from the Emirates. It only uses high-quality elements for their products. They also take to using cruelty-free means of testing their products. One cannot help but fall in love with all of Amna’s scents. This is one fragrance that might keep you thinking before buying another fragrance.

9. Izil

Morocco is best known for its music and culture. There is something else on the beauty market that makes them famous. Mouna Abassy’s brand is known as Izil. All of Izil’s products are inspired by nature and crafted from the finest natural elements.

Abassy took the family recipes handed down to her and shared it with the world. As of today, her products are regarded as the absolute best in the market. Argan oil is one of the main components that are mixed with saffron and rose water. It’s a must buy a brand of UAE.

10. Glossy Makeup

Specialized in makeup brushes and fake eyelashes, Glossy makeup is another of UAE’s own in the market. The founder, makeup artist Natasha Zaki’s version of ‘Glossy Makeup’ is very popular in the UAE. It is used in almost all the beauty salons in and around the Middle East. Their eyelashes hold a power that can make your face look perfect. This is one brand that has made its way to the shelves at Harrods in London. This is one makeup brand you won’t even have to search for. The results do all the talking.

The products mentioned above are highly acclaimed all around the Middle East. Know your skin, know your need. These UAE’s finest will raise your glow to the standards of unmatched glamour.

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